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Use Employee Training to Drive Employee Engagement

Posted by: Emma Chen on 6/14/17 12:01 AM

Employee engagement plays a key role in success for your organization; on the contrary, disengaged employees are almost guaranteed to be detrimental to an organization’s morale and profitability. Upskilling employees through training has the potential to be a major factor in building employee engagement.

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Robust Onboarding Improves Employee Engagement

Posted by: Mason Chenn on 6/5/17 9:23 AM

Building the foundation for employee engagement starts on Day 1. It makes sense the onboarding process would be a key target in organizations seeking to motivate their employees, however many organizations continue to fail to address employee engagement. The Altimeter Group found the majority of organizations surveyed in a 2014 report that they lack a comprehensive plan to improve employee engagement.

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The One Employee Engagement Tactic that Requires Little Time and Absolutely No Budget

Posted by: Bryant Eggett on 5/30/17 8:14 AM

Improving employee engagement can prove both complicated and expensive, but several studies have shown investing in employee engagement critical for profitability and employee productivity.

However, what if no budget exists to invest in employee engagement? One tactic can go a long way in motivating employees to do their best work: Say thank you.

Reinforcing positive behaviors with positive behavior (like expressing appreciation) tend to lead to more positive behaviors. Studies have shown reinforcement works better than punishment or consequences, and consequences or negative feedback has been shown to negatively impact employee engagement.

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Clear Expectations: One of the Simplest Employee Engagement Boosters

Posted by: Vivian Chang on 5/22/17 8:00 AM


The world over and in nearly every setting imaginable, people struggle to communicate well. It seems like it should be absolutely the easiest thing in the world to say what we need to say to each other, but it’s really not. It’s hard to know how to get your point across in an effective, efficient way without offending or degrading the person on the other end of the conversation.

The ubiquity of poor communication can have potentially far-reaching consequences. Poor communication ends relationships and destroys businesses. Yes, businesses.

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Providing Opportunities for Growth Improves Employee Engagement

Posted by: Mason Chenn on 5/11/17 2:06 PM

As discussed in previous posts, high employee engagement rates typically reflect a company’s success, exemplified in higher revenue, higher customer satisfaction and retention, leading to greater competitive advantage.

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